Monday, July 18, 2005

Graffiti We Don't Like To See

Juvenile gangs hit a couple of their favorite targets with graffiti over the past week-to-ten days. Both are businesses. Neither have removed the graffiti quickly in the past, which is probably what makes them favorites for gang vandalism.

The business above is a plumbing company on 5th Ave. It was hit with graffiti last winter, but the owners left it up for months before taking it down late in the spring. The wall was clean for no more than a few weeks before it was hit again recently.

The business below is a corner market on 5th that was sold and will be razed eventually to build new retail/residential space. The current owners are quicker than the plumbers at getting the graffiti off, but this building continues to be a vandalism magnet probably because it is highly visible and the graffiti tends to stay up for weeks.

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