Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Liberadio Rolls Enclave

Thanks to Mary Mancini & Freddy O'Connell for adding Enclave to the Liberadio blogroll.

While I added them to my "Links That I Plug" box last week, I wanted to call my audience's attention to Liberadio. Tune them in or load them down to hear local progressive broadcasts and podcasts.

It's a good day to check out their blog, too. They posted on NY Times information about the Bush administration's change in marketing strategy in the attempt to sell more effectively their foreign policy, especially in Iraq. A Bush national security advisor called the name change--from "global war on terror" to "a global struggle against violent extremism"--necessary to offer a positive alternative. I guess those negative poll numbers are starting to bother White House staffers.

Check Liberadio out.

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