Friday, July 08, 2005

The Council Member Who Complains About Metro Having "A Big Pile of Cash" Has No Complaints When Metro Gives Him Big Piles of Cash

And while I'm on the subject of unethical Council members, I give you Matte Pulle's article in the Nashville Scene on "Crafty" Eric Crafton's conflict of interest in accepting $300,000 in MDHA loans (at 3% interest over 10 years!) while he "deliberates over proceedings that could affect his real estate ventures."

Mr. Crafton once complained about "a pile of cash" Metro received from taxpayers, but now he defends his own tax-money pile by saying that he's merely interested in "helping neighborhoods." How very mercenary of him. While he spent weeks behind the Council scenes attempting to slash revenues that might help neighborhoods in general, he's now defending those public expenditures that only help those neighborhoods that line his own pockets.

If I had a little more time, I'd get a map of Crafton's East Nashville holdings and go over and see exactly how the those low-interest loans totaling $300K are helping those who live on his properties. My guess is that he cares more about the money he earns from his neighborhood investments than he does about neighborhoods themselves.

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