Monday, July 18, 2005

The Unremitting Neighborhood Melodrama

  1. The most grimaceworthy, unfortunate moment at our last Salemtown Neighbors meeting: one of the police officers from the Central Precinct who attends the meetings of both Salemtown associations referred to T.R.U.E. (the newer association) as the "First Neighborhood Association." Ouch. That one stung, even if the sting was unintentional. Isn't there an old saw about a lie traveling half-way around the 'hood before truth wakes up?
  2. I got tired of waiting for Tennessean reporter Nancy Deville to get back to me on her promised profile of Salemtown Neighbors. I have waited a week for her to respond to my e-mail. So, today I went to the next level: I left a message for the Davidson A.M. editor, Cindy Smith, to respond to my concerns or to convince Ms. Deville to do so. I'll keep you posted.
  3. Rumor has it that North End residents outside of Salemtown are openly wondering why Salemtown has two neighborhood associations. Enclave tells at least one side of the story. All those folks have to do for some perspective is check my archives. For the other side, just read the Tennessean.

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