Monday, July 18, 2005

Follow-Up To "Picture This: Why Suburbanites Rarely Have To Deal With Sex Offenders"

Last Thursday I wrote of the clusters of sex offenders in and around the Downtown area and the lack of sex offenders situated in suburban areas (at least the lack of convicted sex offenders in the 'burbs).

Today's Tennessean published a front-page article by reporter Ian Demsky on five of the most populous counties in Middle Tennessee, including Davidson. Demsky found that more than 100 public schools, private schools and day-care centers probably have a convicted sex offender registered at an address within 1,000 feet of them. One of the neighborhoods where Demsky found a sex offender living in close proximity to children is Buena Vista in near northwest Nashville, especially the area between 9th Ave., North and Delta Ave., near Buena Vista Elementary School and just outside the inner I-65 loop.

This is some frightening stuff for families in north-by-northwest Nashville. Watch your kids and keep yourself informed on who lives in your neighborhood and where they live.

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