Thursday, July 07, 2005

Increased Police Presence

Something's been going down in Salemtown recently. A few days ago, police made a narcotics bust over on 6th. A couple of days ago four police cars pulled up to a duplex managed by MDHA on 5th and knocked on the door. Yesterday I saw cruisers patrolling the same alley four times in the span of two hours. This morning I have already seen one patrol. The police are on top of something here.

I read a lot of complaints in the blogosphere about the police and their aggressive policy of ticketing speeders. But I want to show some props to cops. I know that drug deals are being done in Salemtown because I've seen them. I have seen dealers standing on corners and eyeing my car to see if I'm their next buyer. I see those houses where shades are always drawn and where groups of people driving cars from various counties stream in and out in less than 5 minutes without saying anything to each other.

So, for me, increased police presence is a welcome sight. My neighborhood feels safer the more cops I see.

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