Thursday, August 28, 2008

6-Mile-Line to See Obama; McCain Can't Give Away VP Intro Tix

During part of the coverage tonight Campbell Brown reported that Denver police told her that the length of one line of people waiting to hear the Obama speech in a huge football stadium reached 6 miles.

John McCain is struggling to attract an audience to tomorrow's Vice President announcement at a venue a fraction of the size of the stadium.

It's not so much that Obama is a hard act to follow. McCain has just failed to capture the imagination of Americans.


  1. Not to be too contrary, but I drove around the Invesco Center around 2pm and I did not see a 6 mile line of people anywhere. There were definitely a lot of people. I would suspect no more than when they play a game at the stadium. Of course, maybe the 6 mile line was at Coors Field waiting for buses, which I did not visit.

  2. Heh...the advertisement I received on the top of this page is a McCain ad...perhaps AdSense should work on their product placement a little harder.

  3. Yeah, I was in that line at 2 pm and it definitely wasn't that long. Later in the day, though, I heard it was. My friends who got there after 4 didn't get in until almost 7:30 - they can definitely back up the six mile claim.