Sunday, August 31, 2008

Palin Giggled as Shock Jocks Called a Cancer Survivor "A Cancer" and "A Bitch"

Then Anchorage Daily News described Sarah Palin's behavior during an appearance on a local radio show "conduct unbecoming a governor." Earlier this year, Ms. Palin appeared on the "Bob and Mark" show, which the paper describes as "a sophomoric venue," and she "came off looking immature herself, almost high-schoolish." The hosts referred to a fellow Republican opponent as "a bitch" and "a jealous woman." That opponent is also a cancer survivor, but that did not stop the shock jocks from calling her "a cancer" herself.

Did Her Honor the Governor stop them and tell them that they went too far? Did she try and distance herself from their insults? Nope. She just sat by and giggled while they trash-talked her opponent. I know Dick Cheney has lowered the bar for Vice Presidential decorum (and who would have thought it could have gone lower than Spiro Agnew?), but don't we need a Vice President who acts more honorably than your average junior varsity cheerleader?


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  1. Yahoo News has an article about Palin's 17-year old daughter--come to find out she is 5 months pregnant. Maybe if Palin had taught her daughter about birth control, rather than abstinence, she could have helped prevent an unwanted pregnancy.