Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The New Scene Managing Editor Had Me Worried at First

Pete Kotz had me worried as he began this afternoon with an homage to Southcomm reporter Richard Lawson, but he finished strong with a critique of the concept of May Town Center and its disasterous implications for articulating a post-sprawl culture. If Mr. Lawson didn't expend so much ink shilling for developers, then I might agree that he deserves an homage or two. He may indeed be the kind of business reporter that Mr. Kotz claims. I can't tell for all of the apologetics he writes on behalf of development and for his unsubstantiated insinuations about community leaders who advocate balance in growth.


  1. You should go read my comment on Kotz's piece. You also should try taking in the entire body of my work instead of picking and choosing what best suits your own thesis. Additionally, you should try taking the time to learn how developers put together deals and how they think. What... that's what I try to do for people. You also forget that the very first piece I wrote on May Town was why it could fail and that's because Jack May is involved. Your badgering and that of others only inspires me to write more. Thanks for that. Whenever I have a shortage of ideas I can count on you and others to give me some.

  2. The feeling of inspiration is mutual. I thank my lucky stars and the NCP editor every day for the motivation these reporters give me to write.

    I only wish that you would grant community and neighborhood leaders who fight for balanced growth--as strongly as you claim to--the same sort of respect you lend to developers. I've met and written about good developers and bad ones. The bad ones get more of my attention than the good ones because it's easier and quicker to destroy a community than it is to build one up (by "community" I'm speaking not just about brick and mortar, but of people and their welfare), and the destruction needs to be stopped. But I've become acquainted with how a few developers think.