Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's One for the New Metro Council Sign Task Force to Chew On

One huge reason that Vice Mayor Diane Neighbors recently appointed a sign task force was because of the controversy stirred up by Charlie Tygard's attempt to allow various non-profits in neighborhood areas to have distracting business-type LED signs.

One of the things the task force should look into--beyond the visually disruptive and potentially collision-causing hazards of large LED billboards anywhere in Nashville--is the possible carcinogenic effects of the main element of light-emitting diodes, gallium arsenide.


  1. Did you notice the co-chair of the LED task force? Her name is Jane Alvis and she is a registered lobbyist for Lamar Advertising. Looks like Dianne Neighbors is putting the fox in charge of the hen house. I am still looking to see if Bobby Joslin is on the list.

    Why was Larry McWhirter, former Donelson councilman, named to the task force? Nobody has seen or heard from him since he left office in the early 1990's. Appointing a person who has not been active with community issues in almost 15 years seems suspicious. We might need to go back and check his old campaign financial disclosures as well as his voting record. Could there be a leftover payback for a supporter in the mix?

    Neighbors is just doing what Tygard, Joslin and the good ole boys are telling her to do.

    If enough digging is done, we will discover that this task force is stacked in favor of the sign companies. Just another way to avoid the democratic process.

  2. I agree with the previous commenter. This task force looks rather one-sided in favor of the business community. Where are the other task force members representing the residential part of the community?

    co-chair- Burkley Allen-Neighborhood leader

    co-chair- Jane Alvis -Registered lobbyist Lamar Advertising

    Dan Haskell -registered lobbyist, Greater Nashville Hotel and Lodging

    Debby Dale Mason-Nashville Chamber of Commerce

    Patricia Totty- Hadley Park Neighborhood

    Anne Withers- ?

    Chris Whitson- BZA, Belle Meade resident, doesn't even live in Nashville area governed by sign code

    John Brittle- Real Estate

    Bob Cooper- Metro lawyer for the Council

    Stewart Clifton-Planning Commission

    Terry Cobb- Head of Codes Department

    Judge Dumas-Environmental Court, who will have to preside over codes violations in court

    Anna Shepherd-?

    Larry McWhirter- Donelson councilman almost 20 years ago

    Sonny West-well enough said here

    All they are missing is Joslin and lawyer Tom White. Maybe they are controlling this committee by proxy.