Friday, August 29, 2008

Below the Beltway: Wasilla Ain't Washington

John McCain's arguments against Obama's alleged "lack of experience" are moot with his selection of Sarah Palin. Who the hell is Sarah Palin and would America want her a failing McCain heartbeat away from the Presidency?

We can only surmise that McCain realized that he cannot win the experience argument against Obama and that he is instead strategically trying to peel away disaffected Hillary Clinton supporters from Obama. That assumes that those supporters only vote for candidates based on vagina verification and not because of their qualifications for the office. It also assumes that they need an older white male to ride in and save them from their loss, to fix everything.

But this is no fix. The answers to, "Who the hell is Sarah Palin": she's a former beauty pageant runner-up (that alone ought to satisfy feminists); she's been Governor for a small state for less than two years; before that, she was Mayor of a small town called Wasilla (pop. 5,000--ever heard of it?); she's also embroiled in a controversy over her firing of an Alaskan Public Safety Commissioner who refused to fire her brother-in-law during his bitter custody battle with Palin's sister. So, the answer to, "Would America want her a failing McCain heartbeat away from the Presidency?" ought to be a resounding "No!" regardless of Hillary Clinton's fortunes.

Wasilla is just too far outside of Washington to do us any good.

UPDATE: But Palin does have foreign policy experience. That is if by "experience" you mean her state sits next to Russia:

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  1. Hello! I'd like to address a few points made in your blog. As a former Alaskan resident, born in Anchorage and raised in Wasilla for 21 years (and now living in Seattle), I believe I have some valid thoughts to share.

    You ask: who is Sarah Palin? I invite you to do some research and find out. I understand the unfamiliarity that many people have with her. In a very short amount of time, she has risen through the ranks of Alaskan politics to make some greatly progressive changes.

    Check out the variety of steps she has initiated in taking down the extensive corruption between the good old boys- much like those who are "WELL inside Washington" - and Big Oil. Also, she has lowered and eliminated taxes WHILE increasing business and improving infrastructure. Additionally, Sarah Palin has cut much of the unnecessary spending that we all know happens extensively within our government. Alaskan residents will soon be receiving an energy relief check...putting these pork-barrel funds back into the hands of those who should have it, not the government. She also sold the personal jet offered to her as Gov. on Ebay, and did away with personal chauffeur and chef because she knew she just didn't need these luxuries and felt it was a waste.

    You also mention that "We can only surmise that McCain realized that he cannot win the experience argument against Obama..."
    Huh? What experience are you referring to?? I'd actually like to know, because I have a hard time seeing where Obama has much experience. I'm ok with that, though, except I also don't feel that he represents where he stands on issues at all, nor what he plans to do. I feel like he is great at saying what people want to idealist, but not a realist.

    I strongly encourage you and others' who are obviously uninformed, or misinformed, to intelligently learn more about Sarah Palin.

    You are correct, Wasilla ain't Washington. But it sure is a rapidly growing, thriving city of ...and we owe that largely to Sarah Palin. She earned her very high approval rating-over 80, higher than any other state in our nation-for great reason.

    Thanks for reading...I hope I've motivated you and/or others to learn more about Sarah Palin.