Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Media Finally Dissects Racist Roots of English Only

I blogged on these racist underpinnings in early 2007. Welcome to the party, mainstream media. It didn't seem a huge leap from Crafton to Tanton back when Lord Eric was driving English Only through the Metro Council only to be later vetoed. Why didn't the journalists do some digging to connect the dots before the 12,000 signatures were secured and this thing was allowed to flower poisonous?

Cass's lede isn't getting the same dismissive attitude now from the current Southcomm blogger that I got when he was WKRN blogger. Guess it helps to be in the guild.

And in related news, the Metro lawyers may save us from English Only without a vote being cast. Might the conservative anti-tax referendum charter amendment in 2006 kill the conservative anti-immigrant English Only charter amendment in 2008? That would be karma.

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  1. If Crafton can find someone to fund his petition drive, surely there must be someone in Nashville willing to fund a "Recall Crafton" drive. If my husband and I had the resources, I would be first in line to fund a recall drive. Oh, and after we got Crafton out of the Council, I would direct my wrath at Charlie Tygard--another thorn in the side of Nashville.