Monday, August 25, 2008

Sign Task Force Includes Billboard Industry Lobbyist

An Enclave reader comments thusly:
Did you notice the co-chair of the LED task force? Her name is Jane Alvis and she is a registered lobbyist for Lamar Advertising. Looks like [Vice Mayor Diane] Neighbors is putting the fox in charge of the hen house. I am still looking to see if Bobby Joslin [owner of local sign company] is on the list.
According to the Metro government website, Ms. Alvis is indeed a registered lobbyist for Lamar Outdoor Advertising. Which billboard opponent does Vice Mayor Neighbors balance her with on the task force?

UPDATE: I received a CC: from the Hillwood listserv earlier this evening saying that the other co-chair, Burkley Allen, is a long standing neighborhood activist from Hillsboro West End.

UPDATE: Another Enclave reader comments:
This task force looks rather one-sided in favor of the business community. Where are the other task force members representing the residential part of the community?

co-chair- Burkley Allen-Neighborhood leader
co-chair- Jane Alvis -Registered lobbyist Lamar Advertising
Dan Haskell -registered lobbyist, Greater Nashville Hotel and Lodging
Debby Dale Mason-Nashville Chamber of Commerce
Patricia Totty- Hadley Park Neighborhood
Anne Withers- ?
Chris Whitson- BZA, Belle Meade resident, doesn't even live in Nashville area governed by sign code
John Brittle- Real Estate
Bob Cooper- Metro lawyer for the Council
Stewart Clifton-Planning Commission
Terry Cobb- Head of Codes Department
Judge Dumas-Environmental Court, who will have to preside over codes violations in court
Anna Shepherd-?
Larry McWhirter- Donelson councilman almost 20 years ago
Sonny West-well enough said here

All they are missing is Joslin and lawyer Tom White. Maybe they are controlling this committee by proxy.

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  1. For what my opinion is worth, Jane Alvis is an intelligent, thoughtful person who always contributes to any discussion of policy. That's why she has served with distinction on many non-profit and municipal advisory boards.

    Sure she may bring the opinions and desires of the advertising community to the discussion. That's the point of having 15 people on a committee: to look at and consider many sides of an issue. No one member will railroad this talented group of volunteers. To suggest that someone who is connected to the sign industry shouldn't be entitled to be a part of the decision-making process is demagogic.