Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden His Time: Delaware Senator Brings Commoner Cred to the Ticket

According to one WaPo political analyst:

Biden brings far more to the ticket than foreign policy experience. He has a powerful personal story. As a Roman Catholic with working class and Pennsylvania roots, Biden may give the Democrats added credibility among the very working-class voters Obama has struggled to attract in battleground states of Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania. He has longstanding relationships with organized labor that will give an additional boost to the ticket among a constituency of vital importance this fall ....

Biden's persona and a political personality are in so many ways the antithesis of Obama's. Obama speaks with soaring and often inspirational rhetoric; Biden is direct, blunt and plain-spoken. Obama may seem aloof. Biden is always in your face. Obama offers high altitude passion, Biden's passion is ground level ....

[H]e rides the train home to Delaware every night and has never lost touch with the people and neighborhoods of home.
Looks like the Democratic Party may be getting back to its practical, populist roots in the Biden pick.

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