Sunday, August 31, 2008

Troubling, But Unconfirmed News on Poor People Trapped in New Orleans

I cannot confirm this in the mainstream media, but the Anarchist News Service reports the following:
Mayor Nagin tells people to "get the hell out," yet most poor residents of New Orleans don't have the money to travel, because it is the end of the month. The government didn't send aid checks this week and with stores closing this weekend, New Orleans residents left behind will have no access to food and water.
Does anyone have any more info on this?

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  1. New Orleans has become a "ghost town" with only 10,000 residents left after thousands fled to avoid the wrath of Hurricane Gustav, Mayor Ray Nagin said Sunday.
    "We think at a maximum we may have 10,000 people left in the city. It is a true ghost town," said Nagin, who said police estimate that as many as 327,000 have evacuated New Orleans.

    "If there's any area where people did not evacuate, it's probably people who have means, people who live uptown (and were) never really flooded" by Hurricane Katrina three years ago, he said, speaking on local television.