Wednesday, August 27, 2008

McCheney Poised to Repeat the Mistakes of the Past

Sully dishes some sobering news on McCain's foreign policy:
The agenda is war and the threat of war - including what would be an end to cooperation with Russia on securing loose nuclear materials and sharing terror intelligence, in favor of a new cold war in defense of ... Moldova and Azerbaijan. I'm sure McCain would like to have his Russian cooperation, while demonizing and attacking them on the world stage, but in the actual world, he cannot. Putin and Medvedev are not agreeable figures, and I do not mean in any way to excuse their bullying. But this is global politics, guys, and these are the cold, hard choices facing American policy makers ....

John McCain is making it quite clear what his foreign policy will be like: tilting sharply away from the greater realism of Bush's second term toward the abstract moralism, fear-mongering and aggression of the first. Not just four more years - but four more years like Bush's first term. If the Democrats cannot adequately warn Americans of the dangers of a hotheaded temperament and uber-neo-con mindset in the White House for another four years, they deserve to lose.
One would hope that the threat of losing would be enough to motivate Dems, but they seem so acquainted and comfortable with losing that I doubt the aphorism "losing is not an option" means a whole lot to them. But the terrifying prospect of loose nukes and McCain's openness to 100 years of war should motivate the Dems to do whatever it takes--short of disenfranchising voters--to beat the Republicans in November.

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