Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bush Economy Driving Students to Public Schools and Private Schools Out of Business

Thanks to the housing crisis, rising inflation, and growing employment, private schools are losing students to public schools. Some private schools are also closing their doors because they cannot adapt to the mass exodus.


  1. my question is with the influx of private school kids to public schools are the public schools prepared to challenge these kids and provide them with the loving, supportive environment they usually experienced in the private schools. The anwer is no. So...once the economy improves (whenever that is) if the public schools have not improved there will again be a mass exodus from the public schools. Sadly in this community the public schools are becoming more like institutions -- cold, uninvited, non-trusting of students institutions...very, very sad! Can anyone say homeschooling?

  2. Much as i hate to say this....good riddance. I was appalled by tuition rates in this area. One school asked for 19k for a MIDDLE school course year. Unbelieveable.