Saturday, August 23, 2008

McWealth: Republican Would Cut His Own Taxes

While some plugged-in, conventional Democrats don't believe that wealth should be made an issue in elections, I do. Not only do I believe it is problematic that John McCain cannot remember how many luxe accommodations he has because he has had so many, but I think it makes a difference that if the White House becomes his latest house he would give himself and (the other wealthiest Americans) even more tax cuts than he has already enjoyed under 8 years of George Bush. More tax cuts to slake his appetite for more amenities to lose count of. And excess shouldn't be an issue? It is certainly not too farfetched to surmise that McCain opposes Barack Obama's economic policy proposals because they threaten his own family's interests, because the Bush tax cuts would roll away from him and his.

Make no mistake. Wealth matters in elections. And John McCain's Republican plan for absolute wealth matters absolutely. To say that is not to engage in class war; the engagement is culture war, a war between different sets of morals.

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