Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Most Insightful Verdict on Michelle Obama's Speech and Its Reception

Comes from Dana Stevens at X-squared:
Sure, as a feminist it would have been satisfying to see her raise a fist in solidarity, but let's face it, this speech wasn't aimed at the likes of us. Her target, which she nailed with impressive deftness, was that vague, elusive and maddening clump of the electorate that still somehow finds Obama's wife too aggressive and scary and un-First Ladylike, what with the fist-bumping and the Harvard degree and the actual opinions on policy.

Watching her bat a thousand in every conventional First Lady category--for God's sake, she's beautiful, stylish, charming, poised, maternal and warm, leaving aside for the moment her obvious accomplishments and intellect -- I wanted to call up these waffling bozos in person and harass them. She's Jackie Kennedy with a working-class back story! What else do you want from the woman? .... If you don't like Michelle Obama after this speech, do you like any flavor of ice cream besides vanilla?

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  1. She is too agressive. Her speech further confirmed this. She is better than her husband in many sense. But she is not the president candidate. It is her husband's forum not hers. I want to praise the Biden and Hillary for their hardwork. Who are you? The president?