Thursday, May 21, 2009

Belmont Student Discovers Eric Crafton Failed to Pay Taxes; NewsChannel5 Found More

A proper epitaph for English Only: Eric Crafton won't even help pay off the cost of his January special election by meeting his property tax obligations on time.

And CM Pam Murray's Detroit employer paid off her late property tax obligations in Nashville! Poetic justice abounds, even when literal justice does not.

While I think it is great that public revenue opponent Ben Cunningham appears on this report holding Eric Crafton accountable, I'd like to know why Ben wasn't striving for face time in the media before January opposing the English Only referendum as a costly drain on public coffers? He and Tennessee Tax Revolt did not lift a finger or raise a voice to oppose the expensive referendum.

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  1. Maybe if Crafton had devoted his time to making a living, instead of lobbying for his vile "English Only" bill, he might be able to pay his taxes on time. Major props to the Belmont student who shared her discovery with the media.