Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Just to Prepare Those Metro Planning Commissioners for Their Trip to Virginia

A Reston, VA hyper-local blog has been chronicling and opining on the Reston Town Center (inspiration for Nashville's proposed May Town Center concept) since 2007. Here is the author's short description of that city on a hill Reston Town Center:
Reston Town Center (tm). Home to both Reston's Fake Downtown (which, like Disney's Main Street USA, seems built to 7/8th scale) and a godawful succession of strip malls and condos. But hey -- there's a Macaroni Grill(tm)!
If that is not enough for Bells Bend/Scottsboro residents to look forward to, then click to jump to a series of short documentaries on mid-scale retail amenities, pretentious boutique lifestyle options, and stylish color schemes that await the prospective Bells Bend traffic artery once May Town Center gets built. Did I mention the $90 million 3,200-space parking garage? Can you envision such a monolith to automobiles hovering over the Cumberland River at May Town Center where whooping cranes once frolicked when there was only one road in and out?

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  1. The only reason the $90 million parking garage is going in there is because they're building the D.C. subway out to Reston. It's not because of Reston Town Center, it's to get people from D.C. to the airport. Besides, they're building the garage on top of an already existing commuter lot. And the Restonian blog is just satire. If he hated Reston so much he wouldn't live here. It's a beautiful place full of high-tech companies and really good business partners (Oracle, Rolls Royce, Google, Sprint, Microsoft, Accenture and many others). I moved here from a few states north and I love it here. The property values haven't been impacted much from the economy and the unemployment is at a low of 3.4 percent. It's diverse, it's green, it's beautiful.