Monday, May 18, 2009

Citizen Briley Weighs in on the New Traffic Study

Lead MTC opponent and former mayoral candidate David Briley in the comments section of the Tennessean:
Here's why this traffic study is important:

1) It demonstrates that the MTC traffic study was doctored to prove a point and not intended to be objective. So, if MTC is willing to doctor one report, can we trust any of the representations they have made? No.

2) If only 77% of the first phase can be completed with the first bridge, who is going to pay for the next 3 bridges for the remainng development? Not MTC - we the taxpayers are. Doesn't that undermine the whole idea that MTC is going to help the tax base? Yes.

3) Once bridge number one has been maxed out, won't there be pressure on Old Hickory Bloulevard, which MTC has promised to keep rural? Sure there will.

Etc., etc.

The importance of the INDEPENDENT study is that it shows that MTC is just speculation and nothing more. Speculators will say anything to get their "entitlements" because they know the entilements mean $.

FYI, no one is paying me & ouch, I'd almost forgotten I came in fifth.

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