Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crime Update on Germantown Mother's Day Robbery

Quoting HGI Secretary John Horton via the Salemtown Neighbors e-mail list:
An attentive resident spotted two African-American juveniles yesterday walking up an down 5th & 6th Avenues in the rain looking into homes and walking up on porches. He contacted the police who arrived within minutes. One of the juveniles was carrying a plastic toy gun according to the police. The police said they had picked up another juvenile in the Morgan Park area also carrying a plastic gun. One of the victims of the Mother's Day robbery reported that he thought the gun used by the thieves was a toy gun. The juveniles were taken into custody.
The original report conveyed to me was that the two victims of the armed robbery were women; based on this update, either one was a man or there was a third victim who was a man. I'll update when I have more info.

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