Wednesday, May 13, 2009

CRIME ALERT: Possible Prostitution Near Werthan Lofts

I sent the following report to Central Precinct police yesterday:
I've seen possible prostitution at the intersections of 7th & Hume & 8th Rosa Parks & Hume. A couple of days ago around midday I motioned at a woman standing at 8th & Hume stop sign to cross the intersection in front of me because she was watching cars on Hume in manner that I interpreted as waiting-to-cross. Apparently she interpreted my wave in a different way and started approaching the car. When I gave a more emphatic crossing wave with my hand, she turned away and crossed to the other corner kind of vacantly.

Then, yesterday late afternoon, I was turning off of Hume on to 7th and I saw a fire-house red, detailed, customized (with chrome) pick-up truck pull over next to the big parking lot between 7th & 8th Rosa Parks and let the same woman, dressed in the same clothes out and drive off down Hume immediately. The woman didn't pause either, but walked back down Hume and looked like she was returning back to 8th Rosa Parks. Again, she had a sort of vacant, maybe coked-up look. It was odd to me that the truck let her off next to the walled lot about 35-50 feet away from the intersection.

Woman's description: white, about 5'6 or 5'7, thin to average build, long light brown hair in a ponytail, both times I've seen her she is was wearing faded, tight, worn blue jeans with a short-sleeve shirt.

The driver of the red truck was not as easy to describe because the windows were tinted and I was passing opposite; he appeared African-American with long hair. I was headed away from him, so I did not get a license plate.

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