Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Is Pam Murray's Credibility Kaput?

Things could have gone a lot better for CM Pam Murray at last night's council meeting, and the video story doesn't show it but she did not exactly help her case when she failed to accept her drubbing gracefully.

Aside from of last night's unnecessary melodrama, I thought it was rather interesting that CM Karen Bennett moved to table Murray's attempt to defer what is essentially a spot zoning bill. Bennett, a Goodpasture Christian school graduate, expressed her support for a March spot zoning bill that approved an LED billboard for her alma mater.

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  1. CM Bennett was asked by a large group of District 5 constituents to intervene. CM Murray had held numerous community meeting to discuss this bill, at these meetings there were numerous residents of district 5 asking CM Murray to withdraw this and a few other bills. Never once was there anyone at these meetings who supported Pam's bills, this was repeatedly mentioned to CM Murray, who would even respond to the question "who supports this?" with statements like: I don't know, there is no one really supporting this legislation. WOW!!! No support, but Cm Murray was willing to stand in front of dozens of her constituents and fight for it.

    Pam did attempt to create another bill -410- that was an attempt to push similar legislation throughout Davidson County. It still remains to be seen what happens with that bill.