Friday, May 08, 2009

Mayor Dean's Press Release on the Capital Budget, Which Includes the East Bank Adventure Park

Via Protect the Plan:
Mayor Karl Dean will file a $560 million capital spending plan with the Metro Council by noon tomorrow. The legislation will include a $110 million net reduction in government projects approved by past administrations and Councils, and new funds for projects related to the city’s priorities of education, public safety, economic development and quality of life.

It has been two years since the city has approved a capital spending plan, and this will be the first for my administration,” Dean said. “It is important, even during difficult economic times, for a city to invest in its infrastructure and facilities needed for our citizens. But given the current economic environment, it’s more important than ever for our investments to be made wisely and support our priorities and our community’s greatest needs.”

A complete list of the capital projects to be funded in the spending plan will accompany the legislation filed tomorrow, highlights include:

· $156 million for schools, including $63 million in new projects with an emphasis on adding classrooms to replace portable buildings at elementary schools

Public Safety
· Over $30 million for public safety to include a new west police precinct, police DNA crime lab, planning for two new police precincts in the Southeast and Madison areas, a new fire station in the Southeast area, and the renovation of seven existing fire stations

Economic Development
· $30 million for riverfront redevelopment, including the Adventure Play Park, the NABRICO building and NABRICO gardens, the east bank River Lawn, a new east bank redevelopment district, and the First & Broadway Overlook, City Wharf and Pioneer Walk on the west bank
· Over $37 million for the Metropolitan Transit Authority, including $22 million new for infrastructure to develop Bus Rapid Transit, starting along the Gallatin Road corridor, and fleet replacement
· $10 million to support the development of the new Museum of African American Music, Art & Culture
· $500,000 for planning the 28th Avenue Connector between West and North Nashville

Quality of Life
· Nearly $60 million for public works projects, including $6.1 million for new and improved bikelanes and sidewalks
· $50 million in major stormwater projects to be funded by the stormwater fee to take effect on July 1
· Nearly $24 million for parks, greenways and community centers, including $3 million for greenway expansion, planning for a new joint community center and public health facility in the Southeast area, and over $5 million for the acquisition of three new parcels of park land in Madison, West Nashville and the Southeast area
· $5.2 million for a new public library in Goodlettsville

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