Friday, May 15, 2009

BREAKING: Planning's May Town Center Traffic Study Now Available!

I'll be looking over it closely. You do, too, and please share your impressions here at Enclave. Keep in mind that Bells Landing Partners, LLC (the May Town Center people) paid for this.

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  1. The inference that this traffic analysis is a 'paid for' gift of the May family is baseless and hints of inuendo of 'crookedness'. This is something Metro demanded to be done. Metro refused to pay for it, but was willingly open to receiving the money to pay for it. This was a leap of faith by Mr. May and Mr. G. to stand out in front of what they have proposed for Bells Bend. Planning for May Town Center has been open to evaluation of all. These are points that can be amended as the build out is planned for 20-30 years. It will be a gradual adaptation for Bells Bend and the city of Nashville.