Sunday, May 24, 2009

Metro Planning Commission's May 28 May Town Center Agenda Item

The final item on the Metro Planning Commission's May 28 agenda is a public hearing concerning May Town Center. "Public hearing" means they'll be listening to you:
6. 2008SP-022G-03
May Town Center
Map: 079-00 Parcel: 002
Map: 090-00 Parcels:001, 002, 003, 010, 011, 201, 202
Bordeaux/Whites Creek Community Plan
Council District 1 – Lonnell R. Matthews, Jr.
Staff Reviewer: Brenda Bernards
A request to change from AR2a to SP-MU for properties located at 3886, 3920, 3924, 3992, 4068, 4072, 4194, and 4206 Old Hickory Boulevard and Old Hickory Boulevard (unnumbered), approximately 4,700 feet south of Cleeces Ferry Road (1,487.69 acres), to create a new mixed use SP district called "May Town Center" proposed for general office uses, commercial uses, hotels, residential uses, and open space, requested by Civil Site Design Group, applicant, for H.T.P.C. 2 Partnership and Bells Landing Partners, owners.
Staff Recommendation: A staff recommendation for the preliminary SP plan will be provided with the Staff Report for the June 25, 2009, meeting.

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