Friday, March 02, 2007


Both the AP (via the Tennessean) and the City Paper's Clint Brewer are charged this morning for duplicity in IOKIYAR by creating a story where one would not be if the events reported involved a prominent Republican. My guess is that both locals are trying to score some points on the back of a local non-group's recent attempt to engage in post-Oscar smear tactics. And the headline to Brewer's hit piece made it seem like the subject willfully violated airport security even though the body reported that the initiative was airport security's.

We've grown to expect double standards at the City Paper when it comes to treating particular social issues favored by Republicans vs. those favored by Dems. Let us not forget the City Paper's lop-sided coverage of Metro Council in which they referred to the passage of a "significantly neutralized version" of English Only, but later they referred to a relatively progressive candidate as "posturing to become Nashville's 'Green Mayor.'" So, English Only was untouched by extemism or vice, but David Briley was being insincere or inauthentic and patently political by taking what appeared to be a principled position. The City Paper has mastered the art of IOKIYAR.

Hence, we can always rely on the mainstream media to hold Democrats to a higher standard than they hold Republicans. The reportage of the airport security episode is not as flagrantly biased as the scoop on Obama vs. the silence on McCain, but it is opportunistic, sensational, and hypocritical nonetheless.


  1. Ha. Wait about a week and talk to me about IOKIYAD bias.

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