Saturday, April 05, 2008

Residents Sue Google for Street View of their Home

I'm no barrister, but I'm inclined to believe that anyone has the legal right to travel on a public thoroughfare (like Google cars driving on a public street) and take pictures without permission. I don't see the violation of privacy here.

CORRECTION: As Anonymous points out, the road is in fact a private one not a public one, an important fact that I missed in my read. Hence, more of a case against Google, no?


  1. Key point in the article seems to be the people lived on a private street and not a public thoroughfare.

  2. How did Google get on the private road to take pictures? Was the road gated with security entrance? If not, a posted sign "Private Drive" is the same as "No Trespassing".
    Google is making money on these maps because they sell ad space on the web pages. If you are not able to see the house from a public road, then Google may have a problem.
    Burglars don't have to case a house anymore. They can go on Google for planning.