Friday, May 19, 2006

Lame Councilmanic Quote of the Week

Their little [school board] club is threatened. What is wrong with a different perspective? [Kay Brooks] is a taxpayer too.

- - Metro Council Member Michael Craddock quoted in today's Nashville City Paper

Actually, Mr. Craddock, I'm not in their little club, but I'm threatened by your irresponsible actions, which actually threaten the principle of open, public meetings and an informed citizenry. I've been plenty critical of this school board, too, but I certainly don't advocate going to the partisan lengths you seem to have to keep this vote out of the public eye.

And what's with this I hear of you having Council staff spend Metro's (otherwise known as "our") time and energy tracking down the school board's oath of office so that Kay Brooks could be sworn in at a graduation ceremony at a school "located in the heart of historic East Nashville" instead of at the school board's next meeting on Tuesday when she was scheduled to be sworn in at taxpayer expense? Are you trying to heighten her visibility in District 5? (Say, is 5 in your district? It doesn't look like it.) Are you going to run her campaign for the August 4 election, too? If so, you need to do so on your free time and not muster Metro resources to help her get elected.

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