Monday, May 08, 2006

This One's for Nashville's Naysayers

Remember all that talk--around about Metro budget-consideration time--about how Nashville is losing people rather than attracting people because of our higher prices and property taxes?

Well, read this and weep, naysayers. Nashville, not Franklin or Murfreesboro or Clarksville, finds itself in the enviable position of #1 in Kiplinger's top 10 list of "Smart Places to Live." While Franklin and Brentwood as bedroom communities get mentioned in the piece, most of the article's attention focuses on offerings in Nashville itself. The magazine's home gallery provides only pictures of houses in Nashville's older streetcar neighborhoods.

The Mayor's Office can also count this as a feather in its cap.


  1. I love the phrase they use "Nashville: Music Is Just the Beginning." It would be so nice if we had a better phrase than "Music city" or "Music city USA". They are so cheesy, and poorly represents what this city really is about. I hope the name changes soon. I am tired of explaining to outsiders that we are a lot more than broadway and second avenue (the only streets that seems to show up on television). I hope one day Nashville will have a seat next to the big boys, like Chicago and New York:)

  2. I wouldn't look for it to change any time soon. Not to long ago, the Mayor's office adopted it as the official nick of the city and made a big deal about it. I think it is even trademarked. In fact, his embrace of the term even helped him win an award.