Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Might "The Rocket" Pitch Against the Sounds?

Roger Clemens agreed to a record pro-rated agreement with the Houston Astros today to pitch the rest of the season after a few weeks tuning up in the minors. If all goes according to plan, Clemens will be with the Triple-A Round Rock Express beginning June 16 (after assignments with Houstons A and AA teams) getting in condition to join the Astros on June 22. The Sounds have a series in Round Rock starting June 21st, meaning they could face Clemens in a tune up for his next-day trip to the majors, assuming that he is scheduled to pitch.

If the Rocket's conditioning schedule and his stint in the minors is prolonged, there is a slight chance that he could pitch with the Express in Nashville the next week (although the chances are probably slim, since Clemens has a reputation for grueling conditioning season in and out). The Express will travel to Greer for a four-game series beginning June 30. It would be great if things worked out so that we could see this future first-vote Hall of Famer in Nashville.

05/31/2006, 11:00 p.m. Update: Clemens is scheduled for a June 6 start with the single-A Lexington Legends, just north of us in Kentucky. If you plan to road trip it, you may want to get your tix ordered if they aren't already sold out. Unfortunately for Sounds fans, unless his tune up is prolonged, his one and only start with Round Rock is scheduled for June 16.

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