Sunday, May 21, 2006

They Want the Right Thing for the Wrong Reasons

Good to see that some Metro Council members are finally--after a year that included the passage of the Ethics Task Force proposals--coming around to advocate my position that the Mayor should find a venue other than the Chamber of Commerce to deliver his annual "State of Metro" speech. Trouble is, those council members are only upset because for the first time they would be required to pay $25 to get in and nosh and otherwise get lobbied by local business interests. So, now they are demanding that the Mayor visit them first and give his speech in Council Chambers before breaking bread with C of C. Where the heck were these "reformers" (a term I use loosely) last May when I was banging the drum? They were no doubt sitting at the Chambers' breakfast tables enjoying their gratis eggs and bacon while basking under the illusion that public service entitles them to a free breakfast lunch.

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