Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nashville Pays $13,800 to Help Republicans Raise $250,000 for Mid-term Elections

A private Republican fundraiser that included VP Dick "Buckshot" Cheney in upper-crust Belle Meade raised a quarter of a million dollars for the Tennessee Republican Party. The problem is that security was provided for the event by Metro Police on the Nashville taxpayers' tab. The next time we start hearing the lectures from Republicans that too much local taxpayer money is going to pay for superfluous Metro programs, let's agree to shove this event right between their two-faces. I'd love to know whether any Metro Council members attended the event, so that they could rationalize to me why we can spend more on Republicans and less on public schools.


  1. Yeah, and how much do we spend for traffic cops to waive the blue-blood drunk drivers onto our roads after Steeplechase each year? Wouldn't that money be better spent on feeding the homeless?

  2. And how much is spent whenever the Gore entourage comes to town? Or any other high-level politico, no matter their party affiliation.

    Get real

  3. I don't know brave "Anonymous." How much is spent by taxpayers when Gore comes to town? Why don't you do your own research? I do my own.