Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Voter Responses for Kay Brooks to Consider

Brittney over at Nashville is Talking has a wrap of today's Kay Brooks-watch, including some notable letters to the editor that appeared in today's Nashville City Paper. There was also a comment that included some advice for Brooks that accidently got scrubbed from NiT when Brittney was attempting to clean out some comment spam off the site. Luckily I had copied the comment before the scrubbing, although I cannot remember the name of the commenter exactly (I think it was "Mark" something-or-other):
One thing I think has been missing from all of this (most notably, from Kay Brooks) is discussion about [previous District 5 MNPS board member] Lisa Hunt - who did a fantastic job in helping to improve the graduation rate at Stratford High. I believe that this past year, Stratford was taken off the "list" of failing schools - a lot of which had to do with Rev. Hunt's efforts. One thing Kay should do, if she is searching for ideas (which she clearly seems to be in need of - instead of having that "deer in the headlights" look about graduation rates), is look at what Lisa Hunt did as a school board member...in the seat that Kay Brooks now occupies.
I think that is an outstanding idea. I can remember that at the time when the school board was considering closing Jones Paideia among others, Lisa Hunt was one of a couple of board members who followed up personally with me saying that she supported the idea of keeping Jones open. It would not hurt Kay Brooks at all to look at Lisa Hunt's accomplishments, even with her "different eyes"; the question is, did Jon Crisp and Michael Craddock move Kay Brooks through to this appointment just to have her learn from Lisa Hunt? They way they demonize the school district and the entire board, I don't think so.

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  1. Oh cool - that was my comment (it's doug btw). Thanks for keeping it, and more importantly, thanks for keeping a watchful eye on this issue. I can't believe that Brooks is looking to Hunt for much advice - evidenced by her calling out Hunt on her blog over over her views on teaching Intelligent Design (Hunt was against, Brooks is, I guess, for it - which is my numero uno reason for not wanting her on my school board). Anyway, it's really too bad, because as you pointed out, I think the prudent thing for the council to have done would have been to choose a member who would best represent what Rev. Hunt was about, and let the voters be the ones to decide if we should have a radically different member on the board.