Wednesday, May 17, 2006

New School Board Member Kay Brooks Responds to Criticism

Kay Brooks has finally responded on her blog to criticism that she's not publicly discussing her views with constiuents. However, she doesn't exactly explain why she chose not to participate in the public forum before the Council vote:
I do intend to talk LIVE with my constituents. I'm sure in the next 2 months+ they'll be lots of opportunities to do so. We cannot begin improving the system without respectful conversation. And that conversation should be about the children and the system that is failing to serve so many if them. It should not be about my education choice.
Wrongo, Kay. Your "education choice" reflects certain values and commitments to something and against something. We ask other school board candidates to explain how their connections or lack thereof to public schools, professional groups, or PTOs qualifies them for the office. And you are no less accountable to the public than any one else in office and running for office.

In light of Kay Brooks' shying away from a discussion of her qualifications (or lack thereof) it's becoming increasingly clear to me that the Metro Council's decision to appoint her was more political than it was based on the most qualified candidate for the position. It really does smack of an agenda ulterior to just filling the position.

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