Friday, May 05, 2006

Put This in Your Pocket and Save It

Save it for the next time a conservative tries to tell you how much better Christians are than Muslims because they are so much more tolerant and they don't respond to religiously objectionable materials with actual violence or destruction.


  1. Do those of the same ilk who happen to be Muslims go into the markets and tell everyone to get out before blowing it up? Didn't think so. They aren't exactly the same thing.

    And dude should be prosecuted for arson and destruction of property. And the adult business can sue the misguided Christian for compensation for their destroyed property in civil court.

  2. Three words for anonymous commenters: "Abortion Center bombers."

  3. S-TownMike can say these things because he lives under the protection of this great christian country and its forces.

    You can bet he would never post anything derogatory toward "another religion" because he's too scared to.

    So, he can easily rail against a group of people that mean him no harm, all while trying to live up to his urban yuppie dream.

    Hey S-TownMike, how about taking your vacation Iran this summer?

  4. Three more words for anonymous commenters: "Army of God"

  5. Bill: it seems like every time you pay a little visit to Enclave it's to throw around charges of "slander" and "bigotry." But such accusations are rich coming from the "Mohammed Blows" Guy. You got kicked around a lot in the press and on blogs for that dumb mistake, but I was charitable toward you--Jesus would have been proud--in restraining myself from joining in the kicking. I would expect, then, restraint from you before you once again emerge here to accuse me of "slander" and "bigotry" just because I'm a little critical of a group that you mobilize to vote Republican. You made it clear from your cartoon that you choose to see the religious world in black-white distinctions, where I do not. And I also do not choose to exercise your advise to just stop criticizing my Christian brethren because I live in the land of the free; in fact, if I did shut up, I would merely hasten the day when Christianity's particular blend of nut-jobs (in the real gray world, every group has both admirable individuals and certifiable nut-jobs) replaces our republic with a very unfree theocracy. So, I'll not move to the Middle East. But I'll also not sit idly by and watch lunatic fringes of Christianity (especially the fundamentalists) make themselves seem above violence and destruction, when their faith stance promotes it every day.

  6. I failed to mention another reason why I would not want to move to the Middle East: I could be shot by Christian militias whenever I spoke out against their desires to establish "Christian nations" in the region.

  7. I liked the "Mohammed Blows" cartoon. It tells it like it is.

    Bill Hobbs isn't the only one who may not want to tolerate a group of people who would rather kill your ass than ever think about contributing to a society.

    That's what makes America great: resolve; will; pride; morals.

    Take a look on T.V. and all you see in a middle east country is a bunch of people killing each other. Nice! Let's invite them to our country!

  8. It is not millions, Bill. You should back up exaggerated numbers like that with sources.