Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Less Than Hip

One of the hipper-than-hip aspects of Werthan Lofts is changing. Developers are in the process of "refurbishing" the old water tower (pictured right) in back of the place. The old tower is iconic eye candy on our neighborhood's horizon, and even as the buildings at Werthan are being cleaned up, it still compliments them with its shabby chic. Yesterday, we walked by and got our first look at the changes (started in late April) and we were sorely disappointed. The sections of the Tower that have been cleaned up have been stripped of the black rust. Instead, they are gleaming silver with what S-townWife disdainfully knocked as an "industrial" look. I don't know if the water tower will stay silver, but if it does it is just going to pop too hard. Our hope is that the silver is just a temporary condition to protect the metal from corrosion; maybe once they're done they'll slap the post-industrial, rust-belt color back up. Otherwise, go over and admire what's left before the whole thing goes gleaming; and watch how hip dies.

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