Monday, May 15, 2006

We May Have Convergence

All I ask for sometimes is a little love for my political instincts. A week ago I passed on the good news about MLK High School's national ranking and the need to bring the surrounding northwest Nashville neighborhood up to the magnet school's impeccable stature. In today's Tennessean comes a report that there is controversy in the Metro Council over whether to send an unanticipated tax windfall to Metro schools via a private group affiliated with the school district or, as already decided by a previous Council, to send the money to MDHA, which would spend the funds on the continuing revitalization of John Henry Hale Homes.

You'll remember that John Henry Hale sits next to MLK. I'm seeing a convergence of two competing issues that I previously argued should be taken together: by my estimation, directing the money to MDHA to spend as has been determined would in fact help MLK, even if indirectly, by enhancing the quality of life in MLK's neighborhood. Solving the larger problems across the school district needs a more comprehensive answer and plan on the part of our local leadership than a one-time windfall surplus.

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