Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ardelia Park Rezoning Bill Up for Final Reading, But No Word on Whether Gilmore Has Addressed Stormwater Problems

CM Erica Gilmore continues to move the Ardelia Park rezoning bill at a fast pace toward final approval tonight, but I've seen no news from her that the stormwater run-off problems that lead to opposition to the development in the Stormwater Division have been addressed.  CM Gilmore could have deferred the bill at last reading to provide more time to deal with the stormwater issues, but she chose not to and she has maintained that Salemtown "needs" this development soon.  I am aware that developer RC Hazzard has expressed openness to correspond with other developers in the area to incorporate more attractive elements consistent with the neighborhood into the original design, but I am worried that the stormwater issues are just going to be ignored or a solution will be patched together that will complicate the stormwater run-off problems in our neighborhood.  I'll be listening to CM Gilmore intently tonight to see if she fulfills her promise to solve this problem in the short period of time between readings.

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