Monday, July 14, 2008

PiTW Launches into the Courthouse "Liberals"

The controversial school board rezoning vote punctuated by charges that the Chamber of Commerce masterminded the plan to move north Nashville students to the inner city Pearl Cohn cluster is blowing up into a media conflagration and now so-called "liberals" are getting heat for their silence on the issue:
there’s still been no word from any of the city’s white progressive leaders on this issue. Karl Dean, Diane Neighbors, Ronnie Steine, Megan Barry, Mike Jameson, Erik Cole—none seems to have any problem with lumping hundreds more poor, black children into the same schools in their blighted neighborhoods.
I'm not convinced that Karl Dean is progressive. He ran against Bob Clement. The better part of Nashville is liberal compared to Bob Clement. He put up some progressive window dressing in ensconcing himself in education and crime fighting, but what are Dean's liberal credentials? And Ronnie Steine? Any Council Member who would gush like Steine at a past meeting that State Parks Commissioner Jim Fyke belongs in a Metro employee hall of fame doesn't deserve to be called progressive. Diane Neighbors seems more latched to the fence than she does falling progressive.

But I won't bicker over the credentials of the rest of the list. It is sort of amazing how Council Members (with the exception of a few like Emily Evans) seem to go mum about school board issues when all the fur is flying. Keep your butt down unless you want it blown off.

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