Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Border Patrol Tears Down Village Footbridges between Lifelong Neighbors

I spent over 70 years on this border and they never terrorized me.
- - Texas teacher on US Border Agents' claim that her Mexican neighbors were terrorists

Homeland Security is not just building a wall on the border (except across wealthy people's land and resorts); they are also tearing down small village footbridges, which represent decades of cooperation and sharing resources between Texans and their Mexican neighbors. One south Texas blogger has news and pictures of a 50-year-old Candelaria, TX footbridge that was demolished in June.

These tiny border villages (Candelaria's pop. is around 50) have survived on a mutual cross-border economy that was around long before "free trade" ever popped into the enlightened heads of politicos.  While Homeland Security is erasing these neighborly links under the auspices of "protecting us from terrorists," it smells like an attempt to clear out hyper-local, village economies in order to fry bigger fish.

Here's video of what the bridge did for both sides of the river before the federales demolished it:

By taking that bridge out, Homeland Security erected barriers to educating children and to accessing emergency health care, and they obstructed good will that two villages spent half of last century building.


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  1. Yes, this is very sad, sad that Mexico does this to it's own people who work so hard to survive! Mexico, NOT America needs to take care of them, we are not the welcome wagon to all of Gods children, we must protect our borders where ever they may be. I some wacked out terrorist saw this video they would have a great place to cross into America and do harm to Americans.