Thursday, July 24, 2008

Planning Commission Considers 12South Neighborhood Design Plan

The Planning Commission is looking at the 12South Neighborhood Design Plan as I type. Here are the primary neighborhood concerns expressed to Metro Planning that gave rise to the plan:
  1. Limit building heights so that they don't tunnel over 12th Av S
  2. Parking around commercial businesses encroach on residential
  3. Need guidance for architectural standards
  4. Careful planning for housing types beyond single-family homes "creeping in"

UPDATE: Planning staff points out that #1 & #2 are interrelated, given that the taller buildings rise, the greater the limits on parking grow, since more people are going to require more parking.

UPDATE: Ken Winter has some personal reflections on his participation in formulating this Design Plan in this month's 12South newsletter.

UPDATE:  Some in 12South expressed the wish that the old Waverly-Belmont school building revert to educational and community uses.  Planning official said that proposal was not included because Metro Schools have already committed to using the building for their IT department.

UPDATE:  Planning Commission unanimously approved the 12South NDP.  Commissioner LeQuire expressed the wish that affordable housing could also be accounted for in the plan.  The proposal now moves to Metro Council only needing a simple majority for approval.  (NOTE:  an anonymous commenter unceremoniously informed me below that I'm wrong about design plans having to go before the Metro Council for approval).

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  1. Do your homework...this does not need council approval.