Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Question May Town Place Proponents are Afraid To Answer

Assuming we permit a "second Downtown" to sprawl across Bells Bend in order to compete with Williamson County, what's to stop WillCo from upping the ante in the competition to attract relocating corporations by packaging a campus that is even more attractive than May Town Center?  Do proponents really think that our largely Republican neighbors to the south will sit by while it is being built and not find new ways to beat their Davidson County competition?

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  1. Great point. In addition to miles of land along I-65 from Cool Springs to the Maury County line, including hundreds of acres in and around the WillCo fairgrounds, they'll have dozens of potential campuses along 840. These sites would need much less infrastructure work than Bells Bend. The only conceivable advantage that Bells Bend has is its convenience to urban amenities... so why build there, and not in the countless truly blighted areas near downtown, if that's the main selling point?

    Nashville will inevitably lose the battle for suburban office parks to the suburban counties. The only change for Davidson would be downtown offices with a fraction of their current occupancy rate, and a pile of dirt a few miles down the Cumberland.