Monday, July 21, 2008

Opposition to FISA is about Accessible Courts

Kia Franklin responds to Barack Obama's video-address to a progressive bloggers' conference in Austin, Tx, pointing to the higher stakes of FISA:
One issue that should be of top priority to progressive bloggers and blog readers is fighting for civil justice and access to the courts for ordinary Americans. Progressive bloggers felt the exhilarating rush of our potential and power to mobilize on this issue as we organized against the FISA legislation that protects telecommunications corporations that may have illegally spied on innocent Americans. The heavy blow we felt from the legislative loss on this front is by no means the end of our struggle. If anything, it demonstrates how important it is that we understand the FISA situation as it fits into a larger set of issues related to access to the courts and our civil justice system.
I've argued all along that supporters of telecom immunity are bowing to elitism and promoting a two-tiered justice system that applies a loose standard to the rich simply because they have more influence than working and poor classes. It really is a mockery of justice.

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