Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Better Nation is Bigger than Electing Obama

Perhaps 8 years of the most inept presidency in the history of this nation has blurred any vision we might have to see past the petty solace that at least we will no longer be embarrassed by the occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  However, there used to be a dream of America based on liberty, rule of law, and virtue that seems to have collapsed under the iron fist of the last two terms.

At least some progressives are making higher demands of Blue-Dog-inspired Barack Obama rather dozing under the opiate that simple party change in the Oval Office will be a catalyst of reform.  I like the idea of leveraging reform by holding an escrow account of campaign contributions over Obama's head rather than contributing to his campaign no questions asked.  Threatening to vote somewhere else or not vote might prompt the campaign in a close election to co-opt the left rather than roll-over to the right.

Progressives need not pander to the party based on the wishful thought that Obama will deliver more goods than Bush did.  His recent move to the right could also indicate that he may govern too close to George Bush for our comfort.

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