Thursday, July 17, 2008


I took the photo above standing erect on the plot where Double A Development and Village Real Estate plan to build "Concept G: Townhomes at Six Hundred Garfield" ( in Salemtown (although they prefer to call us "Germantown").  I'm around 5'10", and as you can see there is some thicket that is over my head.  It's a clear violation of the Metro grass code (grass and weeds are supposed to be no higher than 12 inches).  It's even bursting through the erosion-preventing silt fence at the sidewalk.

The Concept G team has already met with some criticism here for its somewhat institutional design and for running cheeky ads even in a community that can hardly be characterized as prudish or puritan.  But those are less important, more subjective disagreements where a difference of opinion is expected.  Violating the Metro code times 6 so that vermin, trash, and probably drug dealers can gather hidden on their overgrown lot is unacceptable and an insulting blight on our neighborhood.  I am particularly disappointed in Mark Deutschmann's Village Real Estate company, which sells itself as a community-friendly, neighborhood-supportive group.

I wish the people would treat Salemtown better by keeping their grass mowed.  Or if not mowed how about scythed once and a while?

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