Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Was MetroCenter Also Once Proposed as the "Biggest Opportunity" in Nashville's History?

In a blog post related to McNeely Pigott & Fox public relations firm, Tennessean reporter Michael Cass seems to repeat the local media mantra concerning the "opportunity" of torpedoing the Scottsboro/Bells Bend neighborhood plan in favor of handing land over to a speculator name Tony Giarratana to build a "second downtown" called "May Town Center."

No word from Cass on the risk that present opportunities to ignore conservation on parts of Bells Bend might constitute a slippery slope down to future opportunities to ignore conservation on other parts of Bells Bend that the MTC team arbitrarily promises will be protected according to the alternate concept of the moment.  There is only opportunity, which is pretty much Tony G.'s script.  Oh, journalistic objectivity, thou art fleeting and rare.

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