Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Towner Goes Back-to-Back on Quote of the Days

Here's a window-rattler on North End builds:
[T]he industrial complex of Werthan Mills has excellent window-proportioning, classical brick pilasters, story articulation, and many other traditional design characteristics that manage to humanize the place. If a traditional single-family house and a pre-war purse factory can deploy the same essential elements to achieve comely neighborliness, why aren't these new developers and designers paying attention to any of these elements as they design and build new townhouses? The fact that many Nashvillians would prefer to live in an old rehabbed factory rather than a new house should tell us something about our current ability to design houses. The fact is, Werthan Mills is actually more lovely and residential in character (!!) than Concept G, which looks like a dentist's office carved out of a 1970s Raleigh-Durham housing project.

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